Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lira Clinical products tested on animals?

No, all Lira Clinical products are cruelty-free.

Does Lira Clinical have a minimum order or opening order?

Lira Clinical requires a minimum or opening order of $200 on wholesale accounts. Lira Clinical also enforces a strict policy of no online selling. Lira does offer business starter packages for new wholesale accounts. For more information see our How to Order page.

What products can I use on a pregnant/breastfeeding client?

All products in the BIO, MYSTIQ, SPF, and BB Lines. You can also combine them with the PRO Lite Serum, PRO Firming Serum, PRO Lux Lash, and ICE Balancing Lotion.

What peel treatments can I perform on pregnant/breastfeeding clients?

Lira Clinical’s exclusive MYSTIQ Elite can be performed during pregnancy. Any other peeling treatments are not recommended during pregnancy. Always check with the client’s physician prior to any treatments requested.

Do you have a microdermabrasion protocol with Lira Clinical products?

Yes- Lira Clinical has device assisted protocols you can access in our Specialty Protocol Treatment Guide.

What products work with Micro-current?

  • PRO Firming Serum
  • PRO Retinol Crème
  • BIO Hydra Infusion
  • BIO Hydrating Mineral Masque
  • BIO Caviar Crème

You can access all Lira Clinical’s microcurrent protocols in the Specialty Protocol Treatment Guide.

What products work well with High Frequency?

  • For Aging Skin: PRO Firming Serum
  • Dry/Dehydrated: BIO Caviar Crème
  • Pigmented: PRO Lite Serum
  • Acne: ICE Balancing Lotion, Directly after extractions: ICE Clarifying Treatment

Are Lira Clinical products gluten-free?

Lira Clinical products are gluten-free. If you have concerns on a specific product, always perform a patch test for 24-48 hours prior to product recommendation. You may find more information on gluten on our Informational Page.